Inconsiderate Assholes

Hi All,

So this is not your usual tech-related post, it has nothing to do with HAM Radio, nothing to do with trains, and more to do with the kinda of people that will do things that make you simply shake your head and walk away.

We recently went on a Holiday, this was made to be public knowledge. I wasn’t going to be easily contactable, and my girlfriend and I were going on a caravanning trip. In the months prior we had a few hiccups with some people. I had an Agistee (Person who pays me money to keep their horse on our property) play up and leave, owing me a lot of money of which I’ve completely written off, and our housemate decided that she was going to move out. Both people left on less than desirable terms, but both Eleisha and I comfortable in the fact that we would never have to deal with these people again.

At this point, I feel it’s appropriate to point out the fact that we live off-grid when it comes to water. We have a large concrete tank and nothing else, that’s it. Once that’s gets low or is gone we have to either pray for rain or buy water (If you’ve ever had to buy water trucked in, you’ll know that’s really only a last resort option).

One week in to our Holiday, we were spending the day at the NSW RTM (TrainWorks) and I received a phone call from a friend of mine, who was picking up some stuff from our place, the phone call went something like this:

Friend: “Hey Josh, how you doing”
Me: “Yeah pretty well, enjoying looking at the trains at the moment”
Friend: “Well I’m about to ruin your day”
Me: “What?”
Friend: “You’ve got a dam in your back yard, it’s completely flooded, and the pump is pulling air from the tank, you’re out of water”

The conversation went on but I’m sure you get the point. My first thought was maybe it was an honest mistake, maybe the person we were getting to look after the property had left the water on, a couple of phone calls later and they were adament that they had turned the water off. We figured but can’t prove that it was done maliciously so we got the person looking after our property to turn the power off to the house, as well as the power to the pump. We had already turned off all the major appliances in the house, but we had left the power on so that the pump could be used to water the chooks. We estimated that there was approximately 30,000L of water in the tank at the time that it was dumped, in dollar terms that’s a LOT of water. We can get it cheap through a friend, but even that’s $200 a load (18,000L). If you have to get it through a commercial supplier it’ll set you back anywhere up to $800+/18,000L. We prayed for rain and low and behold we got it in the last week we were on Holiday, phew, we didn’t have to buy water.

When we got back I checked the tank level, and it was at about 6 inches, now that’s good for about 3 or 4 weeks of normal use, washing clothes, watering the animals, washing dishes etc and as more rain was forecast we didn’t think anything of it. We got a bit more rain and the tank level came up to about 8 inches. As more rain was forecast we decided not to buy water and wait and see what happens.

Well, it’s now about 3 weeks later, and what do you know? The rain didn’t come. We’re in for our biggest hot spell in 4 years over the next few days. I checked the tank this morning and now, I’ve no choice but to buy water.

There’s little point to this story than me simply having a vent, but in short, if you’ve got a beef with me, take it up with me. Face to face, in person. We’ll sort it out if we can, but don’t go and dump the one fucking thing that humans need to survive on. Fortunately I’m in a situation where I might just be able to scrape through and be able to buy water, however I know plenty of people who don’t, can’t or would be royally screwed if they were put in a similar situation. Unfortunately it’s just one of those things living on a farm, if you live in the country and aren’t on the main grid, you run the risk of have to deal with assholes who would sooner drain your tank than have the balls to speak to you face to face. Seriously. Fucking. Pissed

End Rant.

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  1. Capn says:

    On the driest continent on Earth, this is The One Thing You Do Not Do. Sigh.

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